Thanks to our own fleet, unlike speditors, we can provide solutions right away. There is no special need, that our award winning team could not solve: from tipper trasportation till oversized and overweight trasportation. Details
With our 61 000 m² warehouse and our special, company tailored logistic solutions, we provide full-scale storage services. Thank to our „Helyi Logisztikai Szolgáltató Központ” qualification, you could get up to 5 million Ft aid from state. Details

Our services

Transport services

  • Just-In-Time (JIT)
  • Just-In-Sequence (JIS)
  • Tilt (traditional) transport
  • Bulk (tipper) transport
  • Swap (Wab) transport
  • Transport of waste and hazardous (ADR) materials
  • Transport of oversized and overweight goodes
  • Transport of high value goods
  • Heated and cooled transportation
  • Transport of rolled goods
  • Transport of commercial vehicle and machinery

Logistic services

  • Just-In-Time (JIT)
  • Just-In-Sequence (JIS)
  • Storage of normal goods
  • Storage of HACCP permission bound goods
  • Shelf and block storage
  • Storage of waste and hazardous (ADR) materials
  • Storage of oversized and overweight goods
  • Storage of high value goods
  • Providing logistical background
  • Integration to the SAP system of the customer
  • Special, company tailored logistic solutions

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